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Numerology is classified as a noun and it is defined as a branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers. For centuries, numerology has been a belief that there is a mystical or divine relationship between numbers or one number and one or multiple events. In its simplest form, numerology is a study of numbers, mostly limited to assigning a numerical value to letters in names, words, ideas and also events. In its more complex form, numerology deals with divine, mystical and paranormal events. It is often associated with astrology. Numerology is not exactly astrology but the two can coexist and are often interpreted simultaneously to form a divinatory reading.

The term numerology was incorporated in the English lexicon circa 1907. However, the practice is ancient. Various ancient civilizations, including Indians, Egyptians, Chinese and Mayans were obsessed with numbers. Even the Greeks and Persians found divine interpretations in numbers. Numerology is often described as science of numbers but many consider it to be a form of art. Regardless of such variations, both schools believe that numbers and hence numerology have an influence on life and everything that happens to or affects an individual.

Numerology Reading is not Fortunetelling

Many people think that practices such as numerology and astrology are all about fortunetelling. There is no psychic foretelling here. No soothsayer is predicting doom and no one claims to know what will happen to you if you don’t act in a certain way. No numerologist will lay out specifics about your fate. This is not what any form of science does. Numerology deals in only what is measurable. It deals with the predictable, not the unpredictable or the unforeseen. Since numerology deals in numbers, it does not cast any light on things that are beyond the control of any human. At its core, numerology believes that everything in nature has a tendency to evolve cyclically and is hence measurable. There is a pattern to the randomness.

It is perhaps needless to point out that there are millions of people who endorse numerology and there are many who have benefited from name correction or changing the spelling of the name. There are many who have benefited from other kinds of interpretation of a numerology reading. At the same time, there are many who do not believe in numerology. It eventually boils down to whether or not numerology will benefit you in any way.

Benefits of Numerology Reading

Numerology relies on numerical values assigned to letters. You can find out the numerical value of your full name. You can of course determine the numerological value of your date of birth. There are simple steps for such calculations. However, it is not just the calculation that matters. The more important factor is the numerology reading. It is the interpretation of the numerical values. If any number is just treated in isolation, it may not have any meaning. The number or numbers must be studied in the right context. One has to understand the scope of numerology, how various numbers have different implications in different scenarios and it is this plethora of possibilities or variations that have an influence on various aspects of life, be it health or financial success, professional life or personal life, fame or spirituality, among others.

  • One of the simplest and surefire benefits of a numerology reading is self-help. Even if you reject the entire premise and concept of numerology, if you do not believe in any such interpretation or reading, if you don’t believe in the relationship between numbers and actual events or if numbers have any bearing on who you are, what you do and how you are, a numerology reading will definitely provide you some perspective. You don’t have to be in a troubled state to benefit from a pragmatic understanding of such a perspective. You would be able to have insights into what you are doing or who you are, not as someone classified as per the norms of the society but as the individual you are. You can understand some of the choices you make, why you act or react in certain ways, why you are in specific types of situations and why you have the kinds of relationships with people that you do right now.
  • Self-help has a far-reaching impact on life. A numerology reading will help you to use the insights to influence various aspects of your life. You can have better relationships with your family, spouse or partner, friends and colleagues, neighbors and the society. You can improve your associations, pursue your aspirations and make the changes necessary to fulfill your desires. A numerology reading will highlight your personality number. This is then illustrated with a description of who you are as an individual. This can have a life altering effect on those who choose to endorse the findings and incorporate the desired changes to be the best version of who one can be.
  • A numerology reading allows a person to explore what one is not aware of. For instance, a person may not truly know how others perceive him or her. An individual may not have a true grasp of their challenges and opportunities. Every individual has a perspective and that is based on their strengths and weaknesses, biases and experiences, knowledge and training. Rarely does a person succeed in segregating who they are while assessing any situation. A numerology reading can do this for you. Identifying challenges will prepare you to face them and overcome them. Exploring opportunities will usher in prosperity and perhaps glory in ways that you would not have thought was actually possible. Imagining, dreaming, envisioning or hoping is one thing. Realizing, materializing and living something is a completely different reality.

A numerology reading will illustrate the significance of the date of birth, what is known as birth day number. You can analyze addresses of where you live or work, perhaps where you may want to move. Many aspects of life can be assessed purely on the basis of their numerology reading.

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